“It’s rare you get a package of talent with ‘batteries included.’ Jeff Simpson is just that guy.”
– Scott Burns, Destination Marketing


Jeff approaches every job with batteries that are fully charged. He’s the ‘guy next door’ in a commercial during your favorite morning radio show, the conversational voice of the white board explainer video you’re watching, one of the wacky characters from the animated series you’re sneaking in during downtime, the soothing messenger while you’re on hold with an important client, the versatile narrator of the audiobook you’re relaxing to on the way home from work.


He’s everywhere you’re listening. Jeff has a vocal arsenal that allows him to meet the most specific project needs. Some of his credits include McDonald’s, AT&T, Amazon, Pizza Hut, PepsiCo, Aramark and Harvard University.


Jeff is a graduate of the Braintracks Audio Intensive Course, taught by premier voice over coach, Nancy Wolfson. He also trained with the Audiobook triumvirate of Pat Fraley, Scott Brick and Hillary Huber.

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